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Tony & Julie G.

Craig, thanks so much for your guidance and help in making our decision for LTC coverage. We feel you helped us make a wise choice to get the best value for what we felt we could afford. Thanks again!

Amy S - School District

Hi Craig, Thank you for all your help. We just made our first payment. Nice peace of mind. Amy

Rhonda E

Hi Craig, I received the package. Thank you for all if your help. You were very informative and you understood exactly what I wanted. Thanks, again. Sincerely, Rhonda

Karen Marston

Seeing my parents making good use of their long term care policy made me realize I had better get prepared...Very happy I found Craig Swift, he is excellent, clearly knows this business inside and out and just as important knows how to explain the complexities in a very clear and useful way. Saved me uncountable hours of research, lead me right to the right policy for me (loved his super nifty, easy policy comparison software and convenient virtual meeting!). He's sincere and helpful without any high pressure salesmanship.

Vicki Brackens

WATCH CRAIG SWIFT's LIVE TELEVISION INTERVIEW  http://video.wcny.org/video/2365178604/
Craig: I am extending an invitation for you to appear live on Financial Fitness on February 20 2014. The show is the longest running TV-program on WCNY-PBS Syracuse. Next week's show will focus on “Living Longer and Loving It". The strategies needed to be in place to continue to live an independent life as we age. Of particular focus will be the issue of preparing for Long Term Care Needs. As I stated we (You and I) represent a mutual client - G and E Williams. I became aware of your efforts in the Long Term Care Market through them. http://www.wcny.org/television/financial-fitness/
Vicki R. Brackens Host Financial Fitness –WCNY BPS/Syracuse

Ralph Wheeler

Hi Craig, Thanks again for your invaluable service. You were everything (and more) that your website advertised. As you listened, answered all of my questions and stay focused at all times on my particular concerns and needs - throughout the process. Your patience, attention to detail and overall knowledge concerning the LTC industry was very helpful. It was also instrumental in helping me find what I believe is the right LTC protection, for me. Again, your client-focused approach and professionalism, was very much appreciated.


Craig - What a fabulous service you offer to so many people. Thank you for the myriad of LTC solutions that you have to offer. Denise

Janet Kraus

Your work for me was seamless. Received the policy I wanted. Thank you!


315-445-9422 Monday or THURSDAY morning would be fine for the interview.

Giuseppe Scala

Hi Craig, I received the insurance policy, Thank you for your help


Hi Craig, An impressive list of comments below, hope I can add to them when we're all done. Looking forward to our phone conversation/meeting tomorrow. Ralph


Just wanted to thank you for all of the time you spent with me and the valuable information you shared. Your advise is invaluable and I can't thank you enough. I would'nt hesitate to recommend you to anyone looking for LTC Insurance.


Craig has been knowledgeable and very customer service oriented educator/broker, without being pushy. I recommend learning about Long Term Care Insurance, period, and what plans are possible from Craig. Good luck.

Marc B.

Craig is fantastic, very patient and resilient towards ensuring client comfort towards understanding the long term care process. I've been away for work and the conversation of long term care came up, which reminded me of Craig given his caring and supportive approach. Regardless of your final decision and/or intent, just at least take the time to speak with him because its an invaluable learning experience when speaking with Craig regarding one's future.

Lisa M. Sokal

Thank you so much for your extraordinary efforts to find us appropriate coverage.

Sue and Steve Stetson

Dear Craig, Your ability to share your expertise and to explain the intricacies to us has been very much appreciated. Additionally, we thank you for your care, patience, and concern in ensuring we purchase the product that is best for our needs. Most sincerely, Sue and Steve Stetson

Linda Rudin

I received my package yesterday. Buying long-term care insurance was something I felt was important after needing full-time care for my husband prior to him passing away from cancer. That experience made me realize how financially devastating long-term care can be. It's not anything you want to think about, but a smart person does. Craig made the process so easy - he takes alot of the work out of it for you.

Ms. Edith C.

I am posting this positive recommendation for all those inquiring about Long Term Care to read. Craig Swift is the right Broker, the expert and an excellent source for you to learn about long term care. Craig's no pressure approach, his ability to listen, and understand my concerns, provided peace of mind for me to move forward purchasing a policy. I highly recommend Craig to use as your long term care resource!

Mary Ann DeToma

Just received the Long Term Care package. I can't thank you enough for all your help. I will definately recommend you to anyone looking for this type of coverage. Your professionalism and knowledge exceed my expectations! I will give you a call in the next day or so.

Janet Washburn

Congratulations on successfully completing LTC Financial Partners’ agent education class on “How to Conduct Consumer Long Term Care Education On-Line.” Today more than ever, consumers are challenged with their schedules but still want to find time to receive objective education in the comfort of their home with just the click of a link. Thanks for adding value to the class with your participation.

Norma Tan

Hi Craig, I just received my packet of materials today. I will call you on Monday. Thank you! Norma

Thomas Murtha and Elizabeth Knowles

Received your package. Thanks

Joe Masterleo

Craig's know-how, availability, responsiveness and attention to detail in helping me to secure the appropriate LTC policy far exceeded my expectations. Though I began with some apprehension and little understanding of the often confusing details and choices of LTC coverage, Craig condensed and simplified the process in a manner that was comprehensive and sensitive to my particular needs. His client-centered non-pushy approach left me with a secure sense of having a genuine ally and an available advocate in securing coverage, both before and after choosing a policy. Hard for me to imagine I could do better with another broker, anywhere. I'd recommend him without reservation.

David Cotie, Managing Partner, Group Health Solutions, Inc.

Craig is, by far, the best subject matter expert I have ever met when it comes to Long Term Care. I trust him 100% with my clients as this is a very nuanced area and we are glad to partner with him. This is his sole area of focus so he is really dialed in. Highly reccomended.


I am a busy attorney practicing in the field of elder law and wanted someone to work with me on long term care insurance without the hard sell. Craig not only was willing to do that for me he was also informative and pleasant and obviously knows his stuff! I will be recommending him to my clients in the future.

Mark Martinez

Thank you for your assistance on our longterm care quote. I am doing a financial planning project and could not find this type of insurance quote anywhere! Not only did you take the time to help me out but discussed some specific terms about this type of policy and really made me understand it.

Robert & Gail Platt

Gail & I want to thank you for the valuable information and insights you shared with us. Going through a care experience with my Dad makes us realize how inexpensive it is to protect our assets and prevent us from being a burden on our children. You are correct stating this policy provides peace of mind. We both thank you again and again. RP

Greg and Jennifer Slywka

Just received our Long Term Care Package from Craig Swift in the mail today and everything looks in order . Thanks to Craig everything in the process of obtaining LTC was explained very well and our search for the best possible coverage to suite our needs were met. We highly recommend Craig Swift to guide you through the process. He is very thorough. thank you Craig signed Greg & Jennifer Slywka

Mitchell Rosen

Craig, We wanted to thank you for the time and patience you showed in walking us through the various options available in the marketplace and ensuring that we picked the optimal plan for our set of circumstances. You are honest and responsive and we are thankful for your direction. Best, Mitch & Jodi R.

Burton B

Dear Craig, Thank you for your profession and educational presentation. You offered clarity and solutions to our concerns at an afforadble rate. Knowing we have our plan in place is a great comfort to us. Sincerly, Burt

C Massa

You have made purchasing my Long Term Care policy an enjoyable experience... did I say that?! I understand how LTC works and why it is a must for my future planning. Please contact Sandra at the office so we can educate the executives and staff as well. Knowing my 401K and retirement funds are protected is very comforting.

Patti W

Thank you Craig. The 20% NY Tax Credit and your intelligent plan design has saved me alot of money. The recommendations you made help me not over buy. The other broker I spoke with just does not get it. You are a PRO!

Cassandra M

Craig, I appreciate your warmth, your respectful honesty, and the way you so thoroughly explained my long term care policy. Thank you for relieving my anxiety on this issue. I will definitely recommend you to others. Cassandra

Matthew & Barbara G.

You made this easy for us to understand. We appreciate your experience and recommendations. The plan designs are affordable and relieved the anxiety we used to get everytime this subject was raised. Thank you, Matt and Barbara

Ms M Grower

I want everyone that reads this to know you are in the right place. Craig Swift is bright, professional, caring and he gets it. It was obvious care costs would void my retirement planning and adversly impact my existance. Craig developed an affordable plan that meets my concerns and allows me "peace of mind". Speak with him. Gratefully, M Goldstein.

Lina B.

Dear Craig, Your perseverance and clarity resulted in my being accepted. I am forever grateful knowing I have Long Term Care coverage. I have you to thank for accomplishing that. LB

S Mimoun

Hi Craig, Your patience and knowledge helped me to finally take action. I have been looking into Long Term Care for too many years thinking it was too expensive. You showed me how to make it work and delivered an affordable plan with "peace of mind". Thank you, thank you.

Anthony B.

Thank you so much for the time and information you shared. Your expertise made deciding to purchase long term care an easy decision. Please contact my sister and brother in law as we discussed. Salute Anthony

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